I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how impressed we were with you and you remodeling company. We could not believe that you could come in and install our cabinets, counter tops and hook up our appliances all in one day. I also really appreciated the fact that you were on site for the whole installation to handle any questions we had. We will recommend you to all of our friends. We love our new kitchen.

Thank You!

Marlyn Coe


Dear Frank,

I was meaning to send this earlier. Just wanted to say thank you and how grateful we are for stepping up with the water issues we had with the window and fireplace. Glad to see that there are still people and companies that stand behind there product.

Mark Mladenoff


Dear Gambino Homes,

I want to express my appreciation for the work that you recently did for me. 8 years ago when you built our house for us we were very pleased and enjoyed working with you and new we had made the right choice in builders. I must say that the recent work you did for us went far and above what we expected and only increased my belief that you are the best builders in the area. When I called to say that we had an issue with our front stoop, I knew that the home was 8 years old and out of warranty. I could not believe how prompt you were to come out and look the situation over and suggest what the problem might be and what should be done. What I did not expect was to have you say that it was not done to your standards and that at your cost you would remove the stoop and replace it for free 8 years after the home was built. We have had other homes built and are familiar with how the warranties work. We also have a lot of friends who have had homes built by others and love telling them what you did. We know they did not get treated the same way in by their builders. We will always be fans and recommend you to anyone who asks.


Jean Walter


I recently had my kitchen redone by Gambino Homes. I was referred to them by a relative who had their kitchen done and they were very happy. I was nervous but found the experience very pleasant. Any question I had Frank was very happy to answer and having a show room that I could make all my selections at was helpful and easy. They put together a schedule and lived up to it which was also very important to me. All of the workers were very friendly and helpful. I cannot say enough about how nice the kitchen turned out and how good my experience was with Frank Gambino and Gambino Homes. I would recommend them to anyone.

Donda Toti


My home was heavily damaged by fire. I had the contractor from the insurance company come out to secure the roof from weather and look it over and give me a price. After a week or so of never hearing from them I called Gambino Homes at the suggestion of a friend. Frank came right over to the home. He took one look and pointed out to me that the tarp that the other people put in place was not done right and was leaking into the undamaged part of the home. He did not ask any questions he just picked up his phone called one of his people and within a couple of hours the roof was properly done. He never asked for money he just said he wanted to make sure that no further damage was done to my home. After getting a couple of estimates we found Gambino Homes price to be the fairest and it even had some improvements priced in that made the home better. Gambino Homes did a fantastic job on my home. I asked for other small changes and suggestions and everything I needed or wanted got done within the budget that the insurance company was covering. I recommend Gambino Homes to all my friends when they need remodeling work done.

Shirley Knauf


I saw an ad in the newspaper for granite and asked Gambino Homes to come out and give me a quote. My kitchen was older and I wanted to spruce it up. After meeting with them and discussing options we decided that it was the time to change the cabinets as well as the tops. Gambino Homes was great to work with. They always met me at times that was convenient to my work schedule and I enjoyed the ability to select everything right at their showroom. During the renovation we found that the builder had done some improper and dangerous things with the electric that was covered up by the cabinets and walls. Gambino Homes pointed it all out and fixed everything before covering back up. During the kitchen renovation I was so happy with them and the work I had them look at my bathroom that was a disaster. Frank took measurements and came back with a wonderful plan. I had them jump right into that as soon as the kitchen was done. I will call Gambino Homes again if I need more remodeling.

Lois Hull


Frank and I served on a board together but I really did not know him that well. My wife and I wanted to put an addition on the home and had an architect draw plans. I showed them to Frank and asked if we could get a bid. There were some flaws with the design that we were told could not be remedied because of the design of the existing structure.

Frank came back with what we felt was the best price for what was included but it was still too high for what my wife and I wanted to spend. We asked if he could suggest some areas to save and come back to us with ideas. Well Frank not only got us very close to our budget he also solved the design flaw the architect could not. I am an engineer and I appreciate a person who has hands on knowledge of what they do and has the initiative to solve the problem.

We cannot say enough about Gambino Homes and their workman. Every morning we woke to the smiling faces of Frank and his guys. There wasn’t a question that they would not answer or a change they were not happy to discuss. We have become good friends with Frank and would recommend Gambino Homes to anyone who asks.

Rick and Judy Pollack


I bought a condo and needed to finish the basement for my son who was going to move in with me. I was referred to Gambino Homes and Frank Gambino. I told him that I was going to get 2 bids and what the budget was. Both bids came in fairly close to each other but I chose Gambino Homes because Frank was more thorough in his plan and details about what was going to be done. He also promised me that he could meet the very tight schedule that I was on because of my sons lease ending. They finished the project as well as a few additional items I asked them to do on time. We had a couple of warranty issues that came up and they got on them right away and fixed it.

Julie Pirello

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