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Remodeling of Kitchen Cabinets in Rockford Amidst Disasters

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Kitchen Cabinets in Rockford

When you’re planning a home remodeling project, do you want custom kitchen cabinets in Rockford built right in your home by carpenters, or do you want factory-made versions that you order and get shipped to your doorstep?

If this sounds like a trick question, you’re right. Custom, job-built cabinets sound so desirable because they’re made just for you, in your home and by people you can actually watch work. Factory made? They sound inherently inferior, like they’re made for the masses and you’re tapping into a cookie-cutter product you hope will work for you.

The Truth is that Both Have Pros and Cons

First, let’s dispel the which-is-best myth: the answer depends on what you want. People use custom-made kitchen cabinets in Rockford on their projects for the precision they get.

When we build on-site, everything is built to within one-sixteenth of an inch, very precise, noting that making cabinets on-site also allows him to be more nimble in responding to clients’ changing wishes – during or even after cabinets are installed.

The downside, though, is a big one. The finish on a jobsite-built cabinet will never be the same as one made in a factory, where paints, stains or varnish are applied in a dust-free environment and baked on to a durable, blemish-free finish, he said.

To make up for that, you can clean an area, then installs a zip wall system to keep dust and dirt out while painting.


Anyone in the middle of a planned bath or kitchen upgrade or in a home renovation project forced by damage from Hurricane Harvey likely is finding cabinets a sticking point in the project.

On one hand, there’s a shortage of carpenters available to build the kind of cabinets they use in his projects, but kitchen cabinets in Rockford pull manufacturers also are struggling to meet demand, as they’re all geared up to fill orders for people affected by weather events in Rockford, Illinois a and on the East Coast.

One measure of quality in premade cabinets is to look for the seal of approval from the Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association, a trade organization that provides third-party testing on the quality and durability of cabinets.

Look for the KCMA blue or green sticker on the inside of pre-made cabinets or on the back of their doors.

All of this is important because kitchen remodeling isn’t cheap – so you want to do it well. Plus, as the kitchen becomes the heart of the home – for daily family life as well as entertaining – we’re putting more features in for both style and function.

Kitchen cabinets in Rockford are likely to be a big chunk of your remodeling budget. A 2018 survey shows that updates in Rockford range from $20,600 to $49,500 for a large kitchen to $14,300 to $16,400 for a small kitchen, and some 31 percent considered their cabinet purchases a splurge.

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