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From design, to interior and exterior material selections, you can do it all at our Design Center/Showroom.

Quality Building & Remodeling

Gambino Homes has been building and remodeling homes in North Central Illinois for over 90 years. Since 1923 we have concentrated on building quality Custom and Semi Custom homes as well as doing quality remodeling for the people in Winnebago, Boone, Dekalb, Ogle and Stephenson Counties. We are also now offering our building and remodeling services through our newest location in Washington, Illinois.

We offer our customers the ability to do everything for the building and remodeling process in one location. From design, to interior and exterior material selections, you can do it all at our Design Center/Showroom.

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Remodeling Bathrooms in Rockford IL

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Remodeling Bathrooms in Rockford IL

All of us want a bathroom that could be a reflection of our individual style and provide the comfort we need at the same time. On the other hand, aside from that, it’s also crucial that it has the right fixtures and amenities to give function and value. Luckily, through careful arrangements, finding the proper remodeling bathrooms in Rockford IL contractors, and deciding upon the ideal style, you can have it all. Ahead of getting in touch with remodeling bathrooms in Rockford Il companies for the bathroom remodel, you’ll want to first talk with everyone who is going to be working with space. Make an effort to discuss the fixtures and finishes you might be supposed to work with and how much of a budget you’re prepared to shell out. As you strategize for your budget, it is essential to budget just a little more because you never know if there will probably be some unexpected troubles that will increase the cost later on.

This preparation would be pretty beneficial and go a long way toward maintaining your remodeling bathrooms in Rockford IL program as you move together with the project. When you get started with the renovation, you understand that the process could take around 30-90 days. Regardless of how long it really is going to take, try to resist the temptation of altering your plans unless monetary constraints or difficulties arise. Altering your plans can build far more hidden expenditures by delaying contractors, ordering new products, and pushing your end date out further and further.


Designing Your Bathroom

It’s essential to look beyond the space of the bathroom. Contemplate the entire look of the residence. What type of layout would ideal match the design and style? Does your preferred bathroom layout blend well using the rest of the house? Keep in mind that not everything must be matched perfectly to blend well along with your house. Not each door manage must be bronze, for instance. But when you opt for a contrasting design, like silver with bronze, it can be too distracting. If your bathroom can be a part of your master bedroom, it is vital to blend the design. Do not select a stark, vibrant color to distract from the theme of the major room. Rather, make it an extension of the room that flows effectively without having to take away the grandeur of your bedroom.


Customize Your Bathroom

Take remodeling bathrooms in Rockford to a whole new level! Customized bathrooms are a step beyond the typical bathroom with all the implementation of personalized cabinets, vanities, and facilities. Whilst stock solutions are always accessible; many property owners find that they will need anything just slightly larger, smaller sized, wider, or in a unique color. Some common options consist of floating vanities and double-wide sinks. You could also invest in custom cabinets along with your option of wood, made inside a specific style.


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